EMPLOYEE VETTING Employee vetting The consequences of a bad hiring decision can be significant and can include reputational damage, fines for not meeting legislation, along with the potential for criminal proceedings when the risk of fraud is presented. VIEW DETAILS Due Diligence Due Diligence Due diligence has been used since at least the mid-fifteenth century in the literal sense “requisite effort.” Centuries later, the phrase developed a legal meaning, namely, “the care that a reasonable person takes to avoid harm to other persons or their property”; in this sense, it is synonymous with another legal term, ordinary care. More recently, due diligence has extended its reach into business contexts, signifying the research a company performs before engaging in a financial transaction. VIEW DETAILS Debt Collection Debt Collection This service is provided to help credit providers in managing delinquent accounts and recovery of bad debts. The full range of services includes: Call Centre Collection Commercial Collection Consumer Collection International Collection Debt Surveillance Tracing Services VIEW DETAILS Corporate Fraud Investigation Corporate Fraud Investigation The corporate environment is extremely competitive and often companies find it difficult to protect themselves from damaging or fraudulent activities. Spectrum Network International are global leaders in providing bespoke corporate investigation services tailored to the needs of every client. VIEW DETAILS Insurance Fraud Investigation Insurance Fraud Investigation Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to obtain a fraudulent outcome from an insurance process. This may occur when a claimant attempts to obtain some benefit or advantage to which they are not otherwise entitled, or when an insurer knowingly denies some benefit that is due. It is a serious and costly problem for victims as well as consumers. Spectrum Network International conducts thorough investigations to uncover fraudulent claims for both insurance companies and individuals falsely implicated in accidents. VIEW DETAILS Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual Property Rights IPR Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are legal rights that protect creations and/or inventions resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields. The most common IPRs include patents, copyrights, marks and trade secrets. VIEW DETAILS
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